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    Super producer & Sound Engineer by trade Bei UNIK became a writer / artist after over coming his fears. After working with many Celebrities as a Producer/ engineer and the elites in the consumer and artist relations "Bei UNIK" is Breaking walls in the independent part of the music industry. Looking to shatter the walls of the majors with his unparalleled/unique sounds but with the approach of a Music/ Tech Mogul!

Specializing in R&B, Hip-Hop as well as Reggae, and Pop including future bass..."Limitations to creations is Not something I Believes in".

    Born Michael Unik Philippe in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on September 23, 1989.

Bei Unik came about after his piers and clients kept on calling his sound and production after his middle name "unique". He added the "Bei" in front it because bei major represents his favorite key on the piano. Ultimately owning "Bei Unik" for years as a reminder to anyone whom ever hears and says the name, to never stray away from who they truly are, embracing individuality... To always "be unique"!

    UNIK was born and raised in Haiti until the age of 14 when him and his family moved the United states in 2004. With no time adapting to US customs and learning English as a third language...But, Growing up with French customs, studying the art of poetry and after being published also named the best poet in his high school, That led UNIK into writing music. “I always had a passion for music no matter what genre or language it was in, and my Caribbean heritage made it easy for me to adapt to anything life threw my way, which I was able to incorporate into my music."

    Started taking music production seriously in senior year of high school where he was the manager & producer for 5 local artists which shortly after decided that was the career path I wanted to follow, being a CEO. After high school, he attended college for 2 years majoring in business, minoring in music where he graduated with an associate in business administration. Shortly after attending IAR (Institute of Audio Research) located in Manhattan, where he discovered engineering and fell in love with the technical side of music!

       Following graduation, UNIK moved to Atlanta to become a part of Soul Asylum Studios Group and begin producing professionally for Mobstyle Productions.

   Soul Asylum Studios is the Number one recording studio in Atlanta and the home of Mobstyle Productions a well known multi-use facility in the entertainment industry. Artists such as ( T.I., Waka Flacka , Future, Gucci mane, Travis Porter and some Young money artists. etc…) call it "home". After joining Mobstyle productions Bei Unik was been the highest selling producer in that team and also as an engineer has been working with a lot of majors as well as countless up incoming indie artists of all ages in all genres from all over the U.S.

    After 5 years of years the contract to be the Celebrity Producer/engineer at Soul asylum studios with Soul Asylum Studios Group had ended! Just in time...Around the same time was called and offered to move to Los angeles to work with the Elites in the industry...After 6 months of being around the biggest celebrities and influencers it left it All because that was not the life I wanted nor envisioned!

   So, I decided to fully become an artist & moved back to Atlanta to harnest and polish my craft! A year later I was back in Los Angeles working in the same industry but in a new field and an Elite artist producer/engineer!

   As he continue to dominate his own lane, UNIK aims to collaborate with as many artists and producers as possible.. Because, nothing feels better to then to help and create with another person!

   "I am one of those type of the producer/ engineer that has fed your favorite rappers lines and bars but took no credit! simply because I love seeing others win, and if my name will be tagged on anything then it has to be the best!"

 "Nothing is off limits, if you want it bad enough"

 This is the beginning of his solo career so there no telling where and what UNIK GOD will do next. But, one thing for sure is that I am is on the path to become a living legend!

"I will win many more awards and someday a grammy!

That artist I break out, or collaborate with in the next winning project could be You!"



Dream, Beleive, Plan & Execute  then Acheive...!

Bei Unik Sound Records




Michael Unik Philippe




Mike bei Unik, 310-710-8539

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